HEALTH BULLETIN #4  June, 2 2010

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With the farmers markets open now, locally grown, organic fresh fruits and vegetables are easier to find. It's a good time to eat healthier.

Here are 12 great foods to try and include in your diet.

1. Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day and with each meal.

2. Sprouts of all kinds are an excellent source of minerals and easily digested because they are high in digestive enzymes. Learn to grow your own. They are an excellent, nutritious, high mineral food. Just about all seeds can be sprouted. Some suggestions are: alfalfa, lentil, wheat berries, green peas, beans of all kinds.

3. Raw nuts and seeds are excellent. Make sure packages say RAW on them. Try to get them as fresh as possible.

4. Whole grain foods like good quality whole grain or sprouted bread, whole grain cereals including brown and wild grain rice, millet, and rye.

5. Yogurt, buttermilk, raw milk fresh from the cow (if available), raw milk cheeses (can be purchased through the health food store) and cottage cheese are all good dairy products. Most others including store bought milk should be eliminated from the daily diet.

6. Farm fresh eggs are excellent, light cooked is best.

7. Unrefined, cold pressed oils and good quality butter. Oils can be used on salads as dressings or made into mayonnaise. This is an excellent way to get those high quality fatty acids the body needs so much.

8.  Small amounts of sea salt and seaweed such as dulse, nori or kelp. Seaweed is a great source of all minerals especially calcium.

9. Dried fruits of all kinds, organic if possible and without added sugar. Fruit may be soaked in purified water if desired.

10. For sugar, use raw, unprocessed honey, sorghum or maple syrup.

11. Spring water, purified water, distilled water, they all are great. The common recommendation given by most natural health professionals is: consume one quart of purified water for every fifty pounds of body weight in addition to normally consumed beverages. Minimal consumption is 6 to 8 cups per day. Water is the most important food to consume daily to help the body detoxify and heal.

12. Herbal teas and grain beverages. Look into the herbal teas available at your local health food store and research them to find out what they are good for. A good start might be dandelion or red clover.

Next newsletter will highlight the 12 things to try and avoid.

Are you taking a good whole food multi-vitamin?

Make sure the ingredients are words you can pronounce, things you can purchase at the store, or foods you can pick in a garden. If you recognize the names, your body will to.

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