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I fractured my neck as a child and since my early 20's have used Chiropractic care to eliminate pain and avoid surgery. Dr.Roscoe's treatment and his Holistic approach to my whole person is the most effective I've found in 50 years of care. He truly is a healer.

- Dr. Don Van Ostenberg

"In every way, Dr. Roscoe and his assistant Marcia, exceed my expectations. Their quality of care, compassion, and generosity have taken me from a weak and feeble state to one of strength and confidence. Three years ago, I was underweight, sensitive to numberous foods, and in despair about my physical and emotional health. Weekly visits enabled Dr. Roscoe to provide adjustments as well as opportunities to discover the emotional roots behind my body's discomforts. As many of my allergies, discomforts and depression thoughts have faded away, I now feel confident, enerigized, and enthusiastic about life. My weekly visit is still a priority, and I feel blessed to know tow such inspiring people."

- Heather T.

"Can't seem to get enough of writing about Natragest. My friend here is having fabulous success with relief of menopausal symptoms while using Natragest. She told me her cramping was much less intense last cycle! Do you suppose my daughter (age 21) could be helped with her menstrual cycle cramps if she used it?"

- Marsha C.

"After seeing Dr. Roscoe, I feel better, sleep better, have more energy, more patience with my family and that makes life so much better."

- Leslie B.

"I have been using Natragest, a progesterone cream derived from natural sources, for about ten years. Dr. Roscoe recommended I try using it while I was experiencing menopausal symptoms, and the results were amazing for me! The first time I applied a small amount on my upper chest area, I had an enormous burst of energy, and although I have not had a similar "burst" since then, I continue to have an elevated mood. The "hot flashes" were diminished as well. Dr Roscoe has since recommended I try discontinuing Natragest to allow my body to begin producing more of its own progesterone, but I have not been successful. My experience while "cutting back" on Natragest was not pleasant; I was not able to focus as well and noticed a lack of energy. Although I have complete confidence in Dr. Roscoe's expertise, I continue to use Natragest every day. I tried a progesterone cream from GNC about three years ago, and had no results that were discernable. I recently recommended Natragest to a friend who is struggling with menopausal issues, and she has noticed an energy increase; no more struggling to get through a day. Her doctor had been trying to alleviate her symptoms with various synthetic hormone replacements, and she had no relief from them. My bone density tests continue to show no signs of osteoporosis, and three years ago I had an increase in bone density in some areas. I do weight bearing exercises on a regular basis, and likely have some genetics "on my side", but I am thankful for good reports and good health. I am so grateful to Dr. Roscoe and Marcia for their expertise and availability of supplements which I feel have contributed to my quality of life! I recently began taking Life Oxidants, an anti-oxidant supplement, after reading information about how detrimental free radicals are to our bodies. I use various other quality supplements sold at Dr. Roscoe's chiropractic clinic, and am fortunate to receive them by mail since I now live in another state. I am pleased to be writing about the positive aspects of my health!"

- Marsha C.

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